About Us

Crypto trading has turned many ordinary people into wealthy traders. The internet is full of stories of people who came from rags to riches through crypto trading.

But trading digital currencies is not as easy as it sounds. There are many people who have tried trading and failed. Some have even lost their life savings through trading. So the big question is what makes some people highly successful in crypto trading?

You need the right tools to identify trading opportunities in the fast-paced crypto markets. Unfortunately, the best tools are out of reach to ordinary traders. This is because these tools are sold at a premium with annual license fees going up to $10,000.

Our mission is to break the barrier by providing high-quality trading tools for free. Bitcoin Compass is a platform providing up to 30 AI-driven trading tools. These trading tools are available to all traders for free.

The team

We have been around for over ten years, having been founded in 2012. Bitcoin Compass is among the pioneers in crypto trading tools. 

We have perfected our tools to match the highly dynamic crypto markets. Bitcoin Compass is supported by over 20 global brokers. These brokers help us reach all the markets where retail crypto CFDs trading is supported. 

The Bitcoin Compass team includes renowned traders and highly experienced software engineers. We are always open to admitting new talent to our team.