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Bitcoin Compass Features


Bitcoin Compass app generates a high daily return on investment. There are only a handful of trading systems with a close ROI, and most of these are unaffordable to ordinary investors. Bitcoin Compass is free and hence available for all.


Bitcoin Compass has invested a lot of money in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to ensure superior performance. Our AI-powered algorithms can scan the markets for trading insights at supersonic speeds and at a high win rate.


Bitcoin Compass trading system comes in multiple versions and is easy to operate for all users. You can trade on your desktop through the web-trader or our powerful desktop app. Also available is a mobile app for iOS/Android devices.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Compass?

We offer an easy and yet extremely profitable way to trade bitcoin. You only need to follow our layman's trading guide to set your account for trading. Bitcoin Compass will do the trading research and order execution for you. You have an option to automate the non-technical options too.

With the Bitcoin Compass app, you could easily earn good profits from a $250 investment. Investing more money could increase the bottom line. You can also compound your daily profits for fast growth. Some of our users have made fortunes by compounding the daily profits from a $250 account.

Bitcoin Compass offers a safe and transparent trading environment. We encrypt all data through the AES protocol and are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Moreover, we apply the smart contract technology to ensure that any disputes on our platform are solved faster.

Trade BTC, Ethereum (ETH), and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can I make?

Our trading system is highly profitable with an outstanding ROI. The amount you make is tied to your deposit and the current trading environment.

2. How much does it cost?

We do not charge any license fees, but trading fees apply on the side of the partner broker facilitating the transaction. Our brokers are purely ECN, and hence the spreads are highly competitive.

3. Is Bitcoin Compass a scam?

We are a powerful AI-driven trading system that is widely positively reviewed by experts across the globe. Bitcoin Compass generates a return on investment (ROI) for users by placing highly leveraged trades on BTC CFDs.

4. Is Bitcoin Compass risky?

Any highly profitable investment must involve a degree of risk. We are less risky than manually buying BTC, but there is a risk nonetheless. It is advisable that you only deposit what you are willing to lose.

5. How do I withdraw from Bitcoin Compass?

Click the withdraw tab on your trading dashboard to be taken to the matched broker’s withdrawal page. Fill out the form and wait for a confirmation email. Your withdrawal should be facilitated within 12 hours.

Bitcoin Compass Review – An in-depth Look!

Trading with Bitcoin Compass

It is extremely easy to make money with Bitcoin Compass for those who can follow the provided trading instructions and tips.

We are accessible from over 150 countries across the globe. Most of our clients are from Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. We are in the process of getting approvals to accept clients from the US.

Follow the simple steps explained below to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Compass.

1) Please register with us by filling out the form above and confirming your contact details as directed. We will match you with one of the brokers regulated in your jurisdictions. All worthwhile brokers observe KYC measures such as client ID verification to prevent financial crime.


2) You will be taken to the broker’s deposit page, where you will be prompted to fund your account with not less than USD250. We have agreed with our partner brokers not to charge any deposit/withdrawal fees. You can make a wire transfer, use debit/credit card, e-wallets, or bitcoin, to fund your account.


3) Please read our trading guide and practice on our intuitive demo before going live. The preparation phase should not take less than 20 minutes. You will receive a phone call from one of our representatives to guide you through our platform and offer trading tips for success.

4) You are fully prepared for the live trading experience if you have practiced enough. Toggle the live session button and sit back as profits trickle into your account.

What is Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is a powerful AI-driven algorithm that automatically speculates on bitcoin on behalf of users. You only need to sign up with the platform and deposit at least 250 USD in trading capital.

Bitcoin Compass does all the trading for you. You can leave it running unmonitored for up to 8 hours daily as you continue with your daily activities. This trading platform offers a semi-auto trading option for those who prefer some degree of control over their accounts.

Bitcoin Compass is easy to use even for those who have never participated in any form of trading before.

Facts about Bitcoin Compass?

We have been around for years and have managed to build a strong track record. Here are fun facts about our trading system.

  •  This trading bot has a high win rate, which makes it less risky than other forms of high-speed trading.
  •  Trading BTC through Bitcoin Compass is easy, less risky, and more lucrative than buying it manually through crypto exchanges.
  •  Bitcoin Compass has maintained the number one position in performance since the crypto boom of 2017.
Bitcoin Compass and Celebrities

We have been featured in over 20 leading mainstream media across the globe. Our trading system has also been reviewed by expert crypto publications in the US, Australia, and the UK. But just like other popular tech products, we have been subject to fake news.

  •  Bitcoin Compass and Elon Musk – Some fake news platforms have published posts claiming that our platform has received investment from Elon Musk.
  •  Bitcoin Compass and Richard Branson – There is also a trending post on a top celebrity gossip page claiming that we have received financial backing from Branson.

However, these claims are false. You should always verify information relating to celebrities with us before taking it as the truth.

Is Bitcoin Compass a scam? Final word!

We have been reviewed by experts all over the globe and they all report that we are a highly profitable trading system.

Bitcoin Compass is based on real AI algorithms. We have managed to build a track record for the five years it has been in the market. Bitcoin Compass delivers high daily ROI  and can build a small account with as little as 250 USD to fortune within months of trading.

You can try our highly intuitive crypto trading system by registering for free through the form below.

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